Children of Zanya

Peter Hastings doens’t take any crap from anyone. So, when the opportunity appeared for him to join an annihilation mission on a faraway planet together with a unit made out of badasses similar to him, he said yes. On top of that, the money was pretty good, too. After all, being a mercenary is a lucrative business.

This seemed like a simple mission: go in, destroy an alien species, get out, and get paid. But when a civil rights group got their tail into their action, the whole mission turned on its head.

Peter and his crew wind up on the planet Zanya – an uncharted, unknown planet. Here, Peter meets the children of Zanya and his outlook on life changes dramatically.

What is Zanya and who is behind what is happening? By the end of the first installment of this series, I hope you will fall in love with Peter and want to follow his future adventures.