The Silver Spider Web

In the first installment of the Greylock Dreamers series, our main characters, Justin and Cora, find themselves in Dreamlandia. The two dreamcatchers they got on their family trip has brought them together inside their dreams. Now, they must go through the adventure together, solve its mystery, and return to their world before sunrise. This time, they are tiny as bugs because they are in Bugland.

Here, the kids meet Kramer, a very sad cricket. He’s sad not only because of what happened to him but mostly about what’s about to happen. And it all has to do with the ugly and mean Silver Spider and its super-sticky silver web.

Justin and Cora try to help Kramer with his problem, but they get into a pickle. A really big one. They have to fight the Silver Spider not only to save Kramer but also themselves.

In the end, the kids snap out of the dream and are back and safe at home. Where will the next adventure take them and what are they going to learn from it?