Creating A Fantasy World – Introduction

Updated July 26, 2021 by Iulian Ionescu | Read Time min.
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I‘ve always been fascinated with world-building. I love creating new races, spaces, and history, filling the world with religion and culture, politics and magic, giving everyone a purpose and land to live in, making them interact, and creating a story from that. Thus, I have decided to take on a daunting task: to create a series of posts in which I describe my own method for creating a fantasy world.

There are many blog posts and books out there that deal with the same subject, but what will be different in this series of posts is that I will be building a new world with you as you go along reading each new post. I will have an ongoing document to add to our world all the elements presented in each post.

I don’t know where this will eventually take us; I hope somewhere really epic, so the index below is subject to change. I will turn the items into links as posts become available, and I will move them and edit them as I go along. If you want to follow this post, you can bookmark this introduction or subscribe to my feed to be notified when I add something new.

So, let us begin. Below is the outline of the posts to come. If you have any suggestions or things to add, things I missed, please mention them right now to account for them ahead of time.

Creating A Fantasy World

Hope to see you again soon with the next installment in this series!

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  • Thank you for this post, I have been looking for something like this for some time now. It’s ironic though because a friend was telling me a few of these aspects just the other day for a story we plan to work on together. I guess you helped find the missing aspects. I will keep these in mind we go to build our world, getting it read to write short stories about.

  • Are you planning to continue the other parts? Its just been a long time since you published a new chapter.

    Thank you for doing this by the way. It is really helpful

  • When is part 3 coming, I really want to read the rest of the articles you have planned for this series, the first two were simply great and amazing in the amount of info provided and the examples were easy to understand. Please keep up the series, I am really interested in the reading the rest.

  • Very nice! I’ve done some of this for a world I started constructing in 1967. Lately I’ve been refining the physical characteristics. Please let me know if I may be of assistance. I have an Excel spreadsheet that calculates mass, density, radii, and surface gravity in several locations, and compares it all with those of Earth.
    Keep up the good work! – L. Wayne Buinis

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