“Fire Within” Query Letter


FIRE WITHIN is a YA urban fantasy set in present-day New York City, complete at 89k words, the first book in the “Siira Magic” series.

Following her mother’s advice, 22-year-old Sylvia Clay lives her life concealing her magic powers from ordinary people and from other sorcerers who secretly roam the earth. However, when one of her friends is kidnapped by dangerous people who use dark magic for personal gain, she must rekindle her powers and fight back to stop them from erasing his memories.

Tossed in the middle of a vicious war between the largest Siira magic houses seeking world domination, Sylvia follows her friend’s trail and winds up uncovering a conspiracy that could reshape the world’s political and financial landscape.

They fight her, but the fire within her has awakened. With her mind, Sylvia opens otherworldly gates to the stars and summons immense powers like the world has never seen. Thanks to her, a new day dawns where the future is open, and humanity still stands a chance.

I have published several short stories, and I am the founder and editor of Fantasy Scroll Magazine, a now-closed e-zine that featured short stories and interviews from speculative writers including award-winning writers such as Mike Resnick and Ken Liu.

I appreciate your time and attention, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Iulian Ionescu

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