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PARIAH SECTOR is a science fiction action novel, complete at 81,000 words, targeting the adult reader market. This is the first installment of the four-book series Ascalearis.

After a successful career of defending the United Coalition for Justice, Theor Bolt must now fight to save his family against the very system he helped and trusted.

Theor is a veteran of the wars that resulted in the current government being in power on the planet Ascalearis. But when wife, Alissah, is taken away, stripped of all citizenship rights, and relocated into the Pariah Sector, Theor sets out on a quest to save her, unwilling to accept living without her.

The path he takes is one of no return, navigating the intricate security system of an overbearing authority, using his skills to save her before she is Inoculated and lost forever. Sacrifice and friendship, trust and disguise, Theor must use them all to save his wife.

The book takes a fresh look at a dystopian society, following the main character’s struggle and evolution from a peon in the system to a fighter against it. The high-tech aspects and action scenes give this novel a feeling of Rambo meets Blade Runner, where the protagonist’s quest for personal justice stirs the system at its core, revealing its weaknesses and faults.

I have published about 20 short stories in various markets and I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Fantasy Scroll Magazine, a quarterly e-zine featuring short stories and interviews from speculative writers across the world. I have about 10,000 social media followers combined across all platforms.

I appreciate your time and attention and look forward to hearing from you.

Iulian Ionescu

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