Completed Works

Currently, I have three novels fully completed and ready for agent representation. If you are an agent and are intrigued by these stories, please see my agent representation kit to contact me and get more information.

Fire Within

fire within novelFire Within is the first installment of the Siira Magic book series, following the adventures of Sylvia Clay, a Level 4 Siiramancer as she’s thrown in the middle of a war between two rival factions. Rekindling her powers, Sylvia discovers her true strength in this story of perseverance.

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Pariah Sector

pariah sector novelPariah Sector is the first installment in the Ascalearis Series. The story begins when Theor Bolt’s life takes a turn for the better. An ex-soldier turned intelligence admin, he’s been waiting for a decent promotion for many years. But, his joy is short lived, as just days later his wife, Alisah, is taken by the government, suspected of a transmittable disease. Theor has no chance but to go find her and in the process, he sparks events that will shatter foundation of the entire world.

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The Silver Spider Web

the silver spider webThe Silver Spider Web is the first adventure of Justin and Cora, two siblings who have the ability to leap inside their dreams and meet. Each dream brings them to an adventure and closer to a final puzzle. Each adventure uncovers new truths and lessons, and each story gives them a new piece of the puzzle. In this first installment, they must save Kramer, a sad cricket convicted wrongly for stealing the colony’s food supplies.

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To view my current work in progress, please check my work in progress list.