Works in Progress

I love to write and I really don’t get a chance to hit writer’s block. That’s mostly because I have so many projects running at the same time, that if I get stuck at one, I immediately move to the next one and soon enough I get unstuck. Below is a list of my current work in progress.

Children of Zanya

children of zanyaPeter Hastings is a bona fide bad-ass and intergalactic hitman. When he’s sent to a mission to destroy an alien species on a remote planet, he finds himself stranded on the planet of Zanya together with some members of a protest group. During his visit, he uncovers an international conspiracy and also a few things about his own past.

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75% Complete

The Deep Sleep

the deep sleep novelWhat is immortality? Is it the preservation of body or the preservation of the mind? Dr. Javier Rombough found a way to hop from body to body and thus live forever. But is that really ethical? This is a question that Hao has to ask himself when a rebel faction contacts him to help them disable the SleeperNet.

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60% Complete

Ivory Island

ivory island novelAlly and Nadan are best friends, but when they breach the prison of a wizard that has been shackled for centuries, their home, their island, is cleaved in half and they both find themselves alone in different parts of the world. And so their journey begins not only to find each other, but also to restore their island.

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90% Complete

The Merchant of Agapya

the merchant of agapya novelThe village of Lindentail is a peaceful place where nothing really happens, except for those times when Finn escapes from his mansion to see Eira, a lowborn girl who lives with her brother, Baden. But, when a merchant comes to visit the village everything changes forever because the merchant is not who everyone thinks he is and it takes Finn and Eira a long time to understand his true motives.

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50% Complete


enlightenment novelThe second installment of the Siira Magic series follows Sylvia Clay in her search for her long-lost mother. The trip takes down south and then further down to South America. She encounters someone she initially trusts dearly, but it turns out that people are not always who they portray to be.

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5% Complete

Freedom Squad

freedom squad novelAfter the events in Pariah Sector, we find Theor Bolt joining the rebel alliance that is fighting hard to dismantle the strict hand of the Trinity that has a hold on the entire planet of Ascalearis. Using his wits and his best friends, Theor leads the rebel alliance to shake the system at the root, but will he succeed getting his vengeance all the way to the end?

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80% Complete

To see my completed works, please go to the completed works list.