The Ascalearis Series follows the story of Theor Bolt, an army veteran turned to a desk job. On a personal path of professional growth, he has his very first break at the beginning of the first installment, Pariah Sector. However, from that moment on, things start to break down for Theor when his wife is taken by the government under the pretense of transmittable disease. She’s moved into a colony for the sick located inside Pariah Sector.

Theor and his army buddy, Denji, form a high-tech team and concoct a complex plan to save Theor’s wife. Their action will set in motion a huge movement that eventually rocks the entire foundation of the planet’s totalitarian regime.

The last installment in the book, Stratom Federation, is a prequel to the first novel, detailing the story of an adolescent Theor Bolt and his friend, Denji. I just felt like their own story had to be told.

Books in the Ascalearis Series