Daniel Adelstein is a twelve-year-old boy living his life in the middle of a large family. But when his loving grandpa Ben dies, the family is in turmoil. Daniel is particularly hurt because grandpa Ben used to be his best friend. He would go to their house in Brooklyn every summer and spend most of his time listening to his grandfather telling stories. With grandpa gone, who will tell him the stories now?

In the first installment of the series, Daniel gets a bequest from grandpa Ben. He doesn’t pay too much attention at first, but eventually, with help from his friend, Caleb, Daniel finds out what the gift really was. Grandpa Ben left him the key to a hidden world. Leaping into Foreverworld for the very first time, Daniel messes things up pretty badly. But, with courage and determination, he manages to fix things, at least this time around.

Books in the Foreverworld Series

  • The Iced Scroll
  • The Ghost of Kasseis (working title)
  • The Barrier (working title)
  • Dust Clouds (working title)