Peter Hastings

Peter Hastings is a bona fide bad ass. You know the kind: straight jaw, five o’clock shadow about an hour after he had shaved, tattoos, and a persistent need to spit through the gap in his teeth. He’s also an intergalactic assassin working for people who have no issues paying hefty sums of money to make little (or big) problems go away.

In the first installment, Children of Zanya, Peter joins a military unit on a faraway planet with a mission to annihilate an entire alien species that has taken over the planet and was threatening to evolve too quickly. However, an intervention from a civil rights group puts the mission on hold. Trying to deal with it, Peter and his crew wind up on the planet Zanya, an uncharted planet occupied by people who run a factory whose mere purpose is unclear.

This is where Peter meets the children of Zanya and his life changes forever. Even though he risks breaking ties with his rich employers, Peter takes it upon himself to rescue the children and he finds out that everything was actually connected.

Tags: Adult, Science Fiction

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