Siira Magic

Sylvia Clay is a 22-year-old with magic powers inherited through bloodline from her mother. At the beginning of the first installment in the series, Sylvia is tossed in the middle of a war between two opposing Magic houses and she must make her way out alive.

Siira is an ancient magic system that existed on Earth since before the biblical times. At its core, the magic is based on the fact that every magical event has a cost and the cost is always in the form of physical harm of a loved one. Usually, a Siiramancer is paired with a Half and the bond between them is strong and based on love and care. When Siiramancers do magic, they harm their Halves, so magic is very costly.

Sylvia lived most of her life away from her magic calling, but when her best friend, Trevor is kidnapped, she must rekindle her powers and go on the offensive.

In the following installments, we will continue to follow Sylvia as she travels around the world in search of her true self. As she travels, more of her Siira powers surface, and she becomes stronger and angrier.

Books in the Siira Magic series