Short Stories

I’ve written a number of short stories and flash stories before I decided to focus myself exclusively on longer forms of fiction. Below are links to the stories I’ve published. Besides jumping to the original publisher (if still in business), you can also read all the stories by clicking the Read button. Enjoy!

Story Name Link / Publisher

Bot Malfunction

SQ Magazine

7th Grade Project

Saturday Night Reader (market closed)

Pet Repair

Weirdyear (market closed)

The Oath

Beyond The Imagination (market closed)

Ice Fishing

The WiFiles

Inside You

Mad Scientist Journal

Open Your Eyes

Voluted Tales

The Golden Serpent

The Lorelei Signal

Magic Hands

The Colored Lens

The Statue

The Linnet’s Wings

The One

Asbury Pulp (market closed, pdf)


Fiction on the Web

Space Race

Bewildering Stories

Pachira Aquatica

Danse Macabre

My Hut

The Quail Bell

Wordhaus (market closed, pdf)

Lady in White

Wisconsin Life

Space Cadet

Future In Flash (market closed, pdf)

The Mission

The Were Traveler


100 Worlds Anthology


Dark Edifice (market closed, pdf)