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This is the third installment in my series on stand-up comedy. Here I am bringing you 10 more of my favorite stand-up comedy routines from various stand-up comics. If you want to read the previous two posts, look for 12 Best Stand-Up Comedy Routines and 14 More Best Stand-Up Comedy Routines. Otherwise, enjoy these 10 videos, as they will bring you lots of joy and laughter!

Lewis Black

Lewis Black is a veteran comedian best known for his angry rants around political issues, especially on his “Back in Black” segment shown on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His stand-up routine is quite direct and deals with the bigger picture, and again, it usually touches on the political regime and other aspects of social life. Nevertheless, he is funny as hell.

Lewis Black Stand-up – Live in Amsterdam

Jim Gaffigan

Jim is a prolific stand-up comic with 7 CDs to date and many live shows across the US. His style is slightly quieter than other comedians out there, but his jokes are edgy and direct. Quite funny!

Jim Gaffigan Gives the Pope Some Advice

Janeane Garofalo

Besides being very pretty and successful as an actress, Jeaneane is a hilarious stand-up comedian. Her act is usually a list of many things that seem to have popped up in her mind, and she twists them up in a way that makes the audience roll on the floor laughing. She is uniquely using self-deprecating humor, and the audience loves it!

Janeane Garofalo Stand-up 1995

Dave Attell

Dave Attell seems to be the eternal guy’s “guy.” The one who never sleeps and spends most of his time in bars and clubs. I am not sure that that’s his real-life persona, but that is the persona he puts up in his act. On top of that, the image is augmented by his old show, Insomniac. His material is usually quite adult, and his jokes are very edgy; you need to be in the right set of mind, but once you are, you will enjoy his show to the fullest.

Dave Attell Stand-up – Jagermeister

Dave Attell Stand-up – Hey, your mouth’s not pregnant.

Dana Gould

Dana is a comedian and comedy writer who often appeared on TV and talk shows. Perhaps not as popular as the other comedians on this page, but still extremely funny. He does voices and impressions, and his humor is sharp and straight to the point. He talks about day-to-day mundane things and brings them up into funny stories.

Dana Gould Stand-up

Larry Miller

Larry Miller is another veteran – comedian, movie, and TV actor. With over 50 movies under his belt and many TV shows, many people still know him from his entertaining HBO specials. His material is usually spotless, and even if it touches adult subjects, it’s delivered with utmost care. His jokes are complex and witty and always get the deserved laughs.

Larry Miller Stand-up – Drinking

Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin is a multi-talented actor, artist, musician, writer, and humorist. How many times do you get to see someone who can sing, draw and write jokes? His act often includes all of these, and his routine is usually accompanied by music played by himself. His jokes sometimes seem isolated, without a storyline or connection, but they are profound and witty. It may take a second to figure out a punch line, but once you get it, you will LOL for sure…

Demetri Martin Stand-up

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel, who calls himself the Fluffy Guy, is best known for his loud aloha shirts, humorous impersonations, and straight-up humor. He’s a really electrifying and gifted performer and extremely active. He’s on the road a lot, and everywhere he goes, he gives the audience what they are expecting: pure fun.

Gabriel Iglesias Stand-up – Drinking and Driving

Tom Papa

Selected by Jerry Seinfeld to be the host of the “Marriage Ref,” Tom Papa is another hilarious comedian and actor. He combines observational humor with comedy mined from his own life, so he follows Jerry’s steps. Until his TV show, he was a bit more obscure than the other comedians presented here, but in the last year, his popularity grew, and people started to know his stand-up a bit more.

Tom Papa Stand-up

John Caparulo

John is a young comedian who is probably best known due to his appearances on the Chelsea Lately show on E!. His popularity started to grow in 2003, and I think he has a great future as a comedian. I find his act funny and entertaining, and I start laughing only when hearing his rather strange voice…

John Caparulo Stand-up

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