Self-Growth Journey

Self-Growth Journey

Welcome to your Self-Growth Journey, a simple, step-by-step program designed to help you achieve your dreams and create the amazing life that you deserve. As you hop on this exciting venture, you will discover who you are, decide what you want, and define a plan to get it. It’s as simple as it sounds, but it’s also scary.

All I ask of you is to dare to believe in yourself and have the faith that you can have an amazing and fulfilling life filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Are you with me?

What Is The Self-Growth Journey Program?

workbook cover Before we dive in, let me emphasize that this program is entirely free. There is no charge, hidden fee, or upsell of any kind. It’s a simple, bare-bone, straight-up, no-BS, guided program that aims to take you from point A (where you are today) to point B (where you want to be).

There are no products to buy, trials to try, or reasons to sigh. Instead, you’ll find short and to-the-point descriptions paired with a comprehensive hands-on workbook to guide you along the way.

This is not an academic thesis or a gospel of any kind. It’s an action-driven exercise from the bottoms-up, and you are the director, the actors, and the viewers. This is for you and by you. It’s not another book to skim through and put on the shelf for next year. It requires your commitment.

I know you have that commitment because you are here, reading about self-growth.

Who am I?

author iulian ionescu writer But, who am I, and why am I putting this out here? Most importantly, why should you listen to anything I have to say? That’s a good question, and you certainly deserve an answer before you dive into this program.

I’ve been struggling with personal development and being stuck for over fifteen years. I simply wasn’t able to move. There was a point where I was so numb that even the idea of having a vision of the future gave me anxiety. And this is a bizarre thing to say because my life seemed to move slowly in the right direction.

Career, marriage, kids, house, you name it. If there was some sort of life checklist, I was checking those boxes one by one. But something was missing. There was an emptiness, a lack of purpose. It was as if I wasn’t sure why I was living and checking those boxes. Was there even a point to it all? Could there be more?

These questions ate at me for years, and I had no answers. None.

Around 2014, though, I’ve begun a slow and painful road toward change. It dawned on me, finally, that to make changes, I must change, and for me to change, I needed to take stock of what I had before I could stare into the future and dare to think about what I wanted.

This program is the result of six years of torment, trial and error, failures and victories, pain and suffering, but also joy and happiness. I’ve read, studied, and experimented, although, at first, with not much of a plan. The idea was to get unstuck first and get moving. Feel alive.

Later, I began to add more structure and connect those puzzle pieces. Little by little, the ideas and concepts from this program started to shape up. I began to put them into practice more and more and develop the healthy habits I needed to support them. Soon enough, I started to see results. I’ve felt the change that I was longing for slowly creeping in. Step by step, those small adjustments turned into massive, long-lasting changes. That brought with it a new dimension to my life.

The structure of this program began as a personal plan and a self-growth tool I developed to help with my own growth. Later on, it expanded under my own eyes and eventually turned into what you see here today.

By putting these ideas out there, I hope to spread this message to others seeking a similar path. Although no road is the same, there are some rules that everyone can follow to discover their own way. The beginning is especially hard, which is why having the text and the workbook by your side will be a tool to guide you on this journey.

If you’d like to read more about me, you can check out my about page, or you can peek at the articles I’ve written over the years to get a glimpse into my thoughts and ideas.

The Process

plant growth growing Please keep in mind that this program’s theory is by no stretch of the imagination new or some sort of mind-blowing paradigm shift. As a matter of fact, as you read through it, it will make sense to you because it is, in fact, rooted in good-old common sense.

But there’s a certain elusiveness to these otherwise apparent concepts. That elusiveness shrouds them and keeps them out of your grasp until you have them in front of your eyes.

It’s like one of those internet memes that, once seen, cannot be unseen. It’s obvious, yet it’s not.

The second critical thing to remember is that the text and the workbook are nothing but tools. Tools are there to help you, but they won’t do the work for you. You must do the work.

Growing as a human being is not very different from the way a plant grows. You need resources, a proper environment, and time. Lots and lots of time. Unlike plants, though, when it comes to growing your mind, you also need the willingness, the desire to grow. Just having resources and opportunities is not enough.

You have to show up every day and put in the work. Consistency and discipline are two paramount values you must nurture if they are not already high on your list. If anyone promises you personal change at the snap of a finger, run away. It’s BS, and you should be wary of it.

Long-lasting, positive change requires strenuous work day after day. It involves pain and sacrifice. If you are willing to do that, and you promise to put in the work, I invite you to stay on this journey, and I guarantee you will be satisfied in the end.

The Structure of The Program

puzzle pieces Now let’s talk briefly about the structure of the program.

Your journey will begin with the Discovery Voyage, which is nothing but a series of exercises of self-reflection and self-awareness. That’s because you can’t decide where to go before you know where you are. That is why you begin your journey by digging into who you are and why you do what you do and why you behave the way you do.

Next, you will continue your journey with the Creation Voyage. Once you know who you are, you can start to paint the picture of who you want to be. There’s a blank canvas, and you have a box of paints and brushes at your disposal. You’ll use those to describe your vision and goals and to get excited about them. Ultimately those will culminate with a clear and compelling image of who you want to be and how you’d want your life to look like.

Lastly, you will jump into the Action Voyage, one of the hardest parts of your journey. Self-reflection and dreaming about the future are critical, yet without any action, they become delusional. Massive, consistent action behind your goals and mission is what makes that vision come to life and shape into reality.

Below, under the FAQ, you can find a full outline of this program’s curriculum. Each step of the way comes with a brief description and explanation of the theory behind it. You can download the step’s associated workbook in PDF format at the end of each section and begin your work. I recommend that you go through each step in their order because they build upon each other.

Last but not least, you can download the workbook in one single PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Self-Growth Journey?



It’s a method of designing your life from the ground up, starting with your own resources and leading up to accomplishing your biggest goals. It is a guided program that will take you step by step through the process of designing your life with intent.



How does it work?



Each section explains the reasons for the exercise and provides several examples for easy understanding. Then, that section pairs with a worksheet that you have to fill out and use going forward. Each chapter builds upon the previous one. Eventually, you will wind up with a full package of worksheets that will contain the entire design for your life.



Is this a one-time thing?



No. The program starts out going through several exercises that result in static results, such as your values and life roles. Later, you continue with the action section, where you will design and execute your annual plan and monthly, weekly, and daily ones. Also, the program contains a yearly review where you reevaluate your goals and split them again into twelve-month chunks.



Does it cost anything?



For the time being, I am offering this program free of charge. This might change at some point, so take advantage of it while it is still free.



What if it doesn’t work for me?



Much like anything in life, some things might not work for you. If that’s the case, you can choose to try it again from a different angle or simply look for an alternative program. Regardless, I would like to hear from you, so drop me a note at any time through the feedback & testimonials page.



Are there any videos or audio files that come with this program?



Not yet. However, the plan is to add videos and audio guides to the program. I haven’t established a timeframe for that yet.

Program Table of Contents

Discovery Voyage
Your Identity — Who are you?
Your Values — What is important to you?
Your Beliefs — What do you believe to be true?
Your Strengths — Where do you get your energy?
Your Weaknesses — What are your impediments?
Your Skills — What are you great at?
Your Passions — What fires you up?
Your Time — How do you spend your time?
Creation Voyage
Your Vision — How does your future look like?
Your Purpose — What are you living for?
Your Mission — What is your legacy?
Your Goals — What do you want to accomplish?
Alignment — Do you have what it takes?
Learning Plan — How are you growing?
Action Voyage
Annual Plan — What are your goals this year?
Annual Review — Are you on track?
Monthly Plan — What must you accomplish this month?
Monthly Review — What are your key learnings?
Weekly Plan — What’s on your to-do list?
Weekly Review — Are you spending your week effectively?
Daily Plan — What must you do today?
Daily Review — How did your day go?
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Feedback, Comments, Suggestions, Testimonials

Do you have any feedback, suggestions, comments, or ideas about the Self-Growth Journey Program? Or perhaps, you’d like to leave a testimonial for others to see? If so, please visit the feedback and testimonials page and let me know your thoughts. Thank you!