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This System Works!

Others just like you have started skeptical, only to find that my system made a real difference for them. Here's what some of our subscribers say about how my beat procrastination cheat sheet has helped them:

It's simple and effective. It's also counterintuitive, like something obvious but elusive until you see it on paper. I applied the ideas from this cheat sheet at home and work, and it's done wonderful things for me. I can say that I rid myself of procrastination for good.

Ella Miller - Sales Representative

Ella Miller - Sales Representative

Nothing here is in any way a paradigm or anything out of the ordinary. It's not magic. It's simple and spelled out in a way that is clear and actionable. Of course, you must put in the work and follow the path. It's not a quick fix, either. It's a life-long commitment.

Mason Fitzpatrick - Accountant

Mason Fitzpatrick - Accountant

I’m the kind of person who’s always busy, always up to something. It’s like I can’t even let my brain rest for a moment. The problem is that all I am busy with are things that should not even be on my plate. But by failing to plan correctly, I always wind up with the wrong priorities. The cheat sheet helped me fix that.

Bryan Goldman - Insurance Agent

Bryan Goldman - Insurance Agent

I think my problem has always been a lack of vision. I know I have ambition and want to accomplish things, but I’ve always struggled with opening my mind to possibilities. I never mapped up my life, and navigated life based on luck. With Iulian’s system, I managed to get things in order and finally find my way.

Lisa Dawson - Attorney

Lisa Dawson - Attorney

How Is Procrastination Bad for You?

People say that procrastination is not that bad, and the more you focus on it, the less productive you are. I am 100% against that idea. Here are how I believe procrastination is terrible for you.


We all have 24-hours in a day, and what is also common for everybody is that once those hours pass, they can never come back. If there’s one thing that procrastination does to you, it makes you lose precious time, which you can never get back.


When you procrastinate, you enter into a mindset of passivity. You are not doing things; you are existing. That kind of mentality will lead to missing significant opportunities that life offers you.


To accomplish your life goals, you must put action behind them. Nothing will work until you work on them and make visible progress. Procrastination slowly erodes your goals by making you lose faith in your ability to achieve them.


When you find yourself unable to complete goals or grab onto the opportunities that life throws at you, you will slowly lose your belief in yourself. Your self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence will suffer. When that happens, your self-discipline breaks even more, only accentuating procrastination.


Learning, improvement, and growth doesn’t stop when we finish school. It continues throughout our lives, and the only way to grow is to take risks and be biased to action. Planning and daydreaming are okay for a while, but it’s the action that will help you succeed.


Time spent effectively, personal growth and accomplishment, and self-esteem contribute to living life with joy and fulfillment. Procrastination will rob you of that enjoyment and replace it with frustration, anxiety, and even depression.

Why Do You Need This Cheat Sheet?

Still not convinced? Here are some everyday things you’ll hear from people trying to fight procrastination and how my cheat sheet addresses them.


  • "I know what I have to do, but I’m doing something else."
  • "Very often, I start to work on something, and I get distracted."
  • "I have so many things on my plate that I don’t know what to do."
  • "So many people pull me in so many directions, I have no time for me."


  • Clarity of vision and purpose will clear the way to what is essential.
  • Distractions can be planned; in that way, they no longer distract you.
  • Prioritizing your tasks monthly, weekly, and daily creates structure.
  • Setting up boundaries and having goals ensures you tackle your priorities first.

More Testimonials

If you need more, read below what other people had to say about their struggles with procrastination and how my cheat sheet has helped them get unstuck.

Saif Dash - Photographer

"I got to a point in my life where I believed that I’m simply lazy. Nothing was working; nothing was moving; I felt like walking against the wind. This cheat sheet has helped me figure out that my problem was one of vision. I didn’t know what I wanted, so it was easy to label myself as lazy. Once I learned how to get my ducks in a row, I felt liberated."

Saif Dash - Photographer

"My major problem was social media. There was a time when I couldn’t have more than fifteen minutes pass without stopping to check it out. It became an addiction, and it stunted my ability to do my job. I loved the idea of “planning distractions.” I bought myself a planner, and I started to plan my social media sessions throughout the day. It changed my life!"

Alik Iyer - Web Developer

Alik Iyer - Web Developer
Megan Carpenter - Student

"I’m generally an efficient person; I’m always on time, and I like to take things to completion. My issue was that I’d always get mesmerized by a new and shinier project. Then, I’d try to manage them simultaneously, thinking that I’m the master of multi-tasking. In the end, I’d burn out and mess them all up. I learned from Iulian how to classify my work and do focused sessions. This has transformed the way I work. I’m no longer a multi-tasker!"

Megan Carpenter - Student

"I’ve always been bad at sports. Once I grew in my teens, I started to gain weight. I never got too big, but big enough to feel uncomfortable constantly. I’d begin my exercise routines and give up after a few sessions. I felt like a failure many times. With Iulian’s help, I was able to get myself on a schedule and keep myself accountable. My partner joined me, and together we were able to break our patterns of bad habits finally."

Traci Pratt - Yoga Instructor

Traci Pratt - Yoga Instructor
iulian headshot

My Struggle With Procrastination

Let me start by saying that I don’t think I’m a horrible case of procrastination. I haven’t been for most of my life, but I think it’s a result of some luck and some guidance that I had along the way.

But, I did, and still do, suffer from one subset of procrastination, which has stunted my way many times throughout my life. That is my curiosity for new things. I know it sounds a bit crazy; after all, curiosity is great. Indeed it is, but this is what curiosity did for me: it kept pulling me to the “next best thing.”

What that translated to was a whole slew of projects that started on a high note of excitement and hope, only to end flat and unfinished when a new thing came along.

I was a serial project starter and, just as much, a project abandoner. My brain was always looking for new things. I was addicted to starting something up but bad at finishing them.

As you can imagine, that’s a huge productivity hurdle, and it falls into the category of procrastination. Procrastination is not only the act of not doing things at all; it’s also the act of not finishing what you set up your mind to complete.

As a result of this, behind me lie many unfinished manuscripts, computer software designs, websites, and many other ideas that never even took off beyond a simple thought.

Not only wasn’t I aware of that at that time, but I was more focused on finding even more things, new and exciting endeavors, in an attempt never to feel unproductive.

I was busy as hell, sometimes even to the point that I’d neglect my family duties and my relationships. The busyness made me blind to all of that. In my head, I was doing a LOT of things, and they all were tremendous opportunities.

Yeah, but none got to any fruition. I was scattered all over the place. There was no focus; there was no clarity. I was running through the fog, trying desperately to find something at the end.

It wasn’t until my wife, and I had our first child that I started to see the light. I slowly began to reorganize my priorities and finally begin to think about what do I want for the first time in my life. I had no idea who I wanted to be or what else I could envision for myself in the future.

Once I started to clear that part of my life, I began to look at my purpose. By connecting with my inner why and correlating it with my vision, things started to come together.

Only after that was I able to create a complete system that relied heavily on this idea of focus and priority. With that, I was finally able to finish the projects I had in mind. The website you are looking at right now couldn’t have been possible without that massive change in my attitude, mindset, and approach.

I hope this cheat sheet will give you the boost you need to find yourself on a similar path.

Good luck!

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